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Trajan 125 Band Saw Blade Installation: Step-by-Step Tutorial

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In this detailed tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of fitting a new saw blade on the Trajan 125 band saw. This straightforward method will help you quickly replace your bandsaw blade, enhancing your machine’s efficiency.

Safety First: Preparing for Installation

Before starting, prioritize safety by:

  • Disconnecting the band saw from power.
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear, like safety glasses and gloves.

Removing the Old Bandsaw Blade

To remove the existing bandsaw blade from your Trajan 125:

  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the back plate.
  2. De-tension the machine while holding the blade in place.
  3. Manoeuvre the blade around the wheels and casing.
  4. Gently tap the blade to disengage it from the guides.
  5. Set aside the old blade.

Installing the New Blade

With the old blade removed, follow these steps to install the new one:

  1. Carefully unroll the new blade, keeping it directed away from you.
  2. Ensure the blade’s teeth are correctly oriented as per your machine’s instructions.
  3. Feed the blade through the guides and around the wheels, ensuring it sits snugly against the wheel ridge.
  4. Tension the blade using the hand-operated knob until fully tight.
  5. Test the machine with a few rotations to check for any blade issues.

Reattaching the Back Plate

Finally, secure the machine by:

  1. Switching off the band saw.
  2. Reattaching the back plate using the screws and screwdriver.


With these steps, you’ve successfully installed a new blade on your Trajan 125 band saw. For optimal blade and speed settings for different Materials visit our detailed article.