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Installing a Part Stop on the Trajan 125 Band Saw: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Trajan 125 band saw, renowned for its efficiency in precise material cutting, gets an upgrade with a part stop installation. This guide in partnership with, provides an easy-to-follow process for this addition.

Enhancing Precision with a Part Stop

Integrating a part stop with your Trajan 125 Band Saw elevates its functionality. This accessory is crucial for achieving uniform cuts at specific lengths, making it a favorite amongst both professionals and hobbyists.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount. Before beginning the installation, disconnect the band saw to avoid any potential hazards.

Installation Process

  1. Attaching the Rod to the Base: Begin by screwing the rod and bolt into the base, located just beneath the blade. Secure it tightly with a 19-millimeter wrench.
  2. Adding the Stopper: Slide the stopper onto the rod, followed by feeding the bolt into it. Ensure the bolt’s threads are facing upwards for proper arm attachment.
  3. Setting Cut Length: The part stop boasts a 10-inch capacity. Measure from the blade to the stopper to set your desired length. In the video, Tom demonstrates setting a 7-inch length.
  4. Ready to Cut: Place your material against the stopper after opening the vise. Secure it by closing the vise, and you’re set to cut.


The addition of a part stop to the Trajan 125 band saw is a game changer for precise and efficient cutting. Following this guide will enable a swift and accurate installation, leading to enhanced cutting performance.

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